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28 Black Wedding Hairstyles For Elegant Appearance

We believe your exhilaration and choice to look great on the big day. The selection of a wedding hairstyle is as crucial as the choice of your bridal gown.

Let us get this wedding season set with the perfect hairstyle for the gorgeous dark ladies. Here is an overview of some catchy hairstyles that is going to amaze your bridesmaids in the wedding.

28 Black Wedding Hairstyles For Elegant Appearance

African American Updo

This is definitely one of the most innovative and creative hair styles of this century. It gives your hair an amazing and natural looking style and shape. Also, the bearer can come up with their own ideas and give this style their own signature. This style shapes your hair in a unique way that will definitely get you a few envious looks. Try this style; you will be impressed with it.

Asymmetrical Loose Updo

Hair styles that have an asymmetrical nature to them are becoming extremely popular. This is a style where the hair on one side seems longer than the other. If you love experimenting with different styles and are looking for a new style to try, then asymmetrical loose updo is the right choice for you.

Black Updo with Flowers

Having black colored hair is extremely common and hence there are numerous styles that are suitable for people who have black colored hair. One easy style is to go for an updo. It is simple and elegant. If you want to spice it up, add a few hair accessories, the most popular one being flowers. Flowers tend to give you a traditional and beautiful look, and will everybody mesmerized.

Braided Bangs with Braided Bun

Braiding your hair is the ultimate look if you want to sport a traditional look. If you are going for a bun, then adds some elegance to the style by going for a braided bun. Additionally, if you are a big fan of bangs, go for braided bangs. It will definitely give you a new and beautiful look.

Braided Crown Bun Style

Sporting a bun gives you a look that is authoritative. So if you are a fan of the bun and want to experiment with this style, then you should definitely try out the braided crown bun. Braiding your hair and tying it all up into a bun will give you an elegant yet stylish look.

Braided Pompadour Updo

If you like your hair all neat and tied up, then go for the braided pompadour updo. It prevents your hair from falling onto your face and gives a clean and fashionable look. This look is pretty new in the fashion industry and is only now gaining popularity. So if you want to try out a look that is new in the industry then go for the braided pompadour updo.

Curly Side Ponytail

Ponytail is one of the easiest styles to do and it only takes a few minutes get a perfect ponytail. If you are bored with your traditional ponytail, you can experiment and try out many new styles with it. One of them is the side ponytail. Instead of taking up all your hair to the top, you take it too the side. Adding curls to this style, gives you a look that will definitely get you a lot of attention and admiration.

Curly Updo with Bangs

Having curly hair is an advantage. Curls give your hair a bouncy look that conveys grace and charm. That is why having a curly updo is considered extremely fashionable. Add a bit of spice to our style by adding bangs to your curly updo. Bangs are extremely fashionable and give a trendy look.

Cute Hair with Side Pin

If you love a simple hairdo, then try adding a few hair accessories. Having a simple hairstyle is not a disadvantage. Add a few accessories like a head band and pins to get a better look. Usually the most used hair accessories are the side pins. They tend to give you a look that is sleek, clean and perfect.

Half Up Half Down for Curly Hair

If you are looking to give yourself a new look, then go for a half up half down style. This is an extremely popular look and goes well with curly hair. In this style you take a part of your hair up and leave the rest down. It gives a cool and royal look. Add a few accessories like a head band to enhance this look.

Loose Chignon

Buns have always been in style and people have come up with many different styles that one can do one a bun, one of them being a chignon. It is extremely easy to do and also gives you a simple yet dynamic look. Usually, people go for a loose chignon as it gives the bearer a fun and quirky look.

Loose Curls with Flower

Flowers always tend to give your look an amazing makeover. You can add flowers to any style and get a rocking look. A nice combination is loose curls and flowers. Loose curls give you a fun, loving look and the flowers add a bit of traditional essence to your style.

Loose Waves with Side Swept Bangs

Loose waves and side bangs give you a mind blowing look. Bangs can be sported in many different ways, one of the common and most popular way being side swept bangs. Waves have always been a popular choice and adding side swept bangs to the mix gives you a party ready look.

Low Bun with Veil

Sporting a bun is exceptionally common among the older generation. Additionally, there are different types of buns like the high bun, braided bun and low bun. A low bun is exceptionally common among brides and goes well while wearing a veil. A low bun and a veil are the perfect combination to sport.

Low Side Bun with Swooped Bangs

Having a bun is extremely trendy and offers a wide range of styling options to the bearer. If you want to give your bun a unique look go for a low side bun. The only difference her, is the position of the bun. If you want to add some extra trendiness to your look, go for swooped bangs.

Low Updo with Flowers and Chic Ringlets

If you have a history of trying out new and innovative styles then you should definitely try out chic ringlets. It gives your hair a voluminous look. Add in a few accessories like flowers to spice up your look and add a few extra points to your charm. This is definitely one of the styles that every person should try out at least once.

Medium Wavy Wedding Hairstyle

Having medium length hair has its pros. There are many different style that work wonders when you sport a medium length hair. Waves especially go well with medium and long hair. The gives you a look of elegance that is a definite head turner. Sport this look with confidence.

Old Hollywood Glamour

Hollywood has always been known for experimenting and coming up with new and innovative styling techniques for the hair. This style will give you a look that has glamour, beauty and elegance in the right proportion. Usually, these styles go with every dress style and frame of the face.

Retro Style

Visit the golden age of Hollywood by going retro. These styles give you a look of authority and at the same time also give you an appealing look. No matter the length or color of your hair, retro styles suit everybody.

Roll it Up Chignon

Chignon has been in fashion for a long time and it is definitely not going anywhere for the next few years. It is a type of a traditional bun. If you are tired of sporting the same old bun and want to make a change then go for a roll it up chignon. This style will bring out your features and you will definitely be the center of attraction.

Sleek Low Bun with Unique Veil

Sporting a low bun gives you a look of authority and at the same time is also considered trendy. Combining this look with a unique and fashionable veil will give you the perfect look that is jaw dropping. There are many different types of veils that you can try out. Choose the one that suits you best.

Sleek Low Roll and Tuck Bun

Rolling up your hair always gives you a look of beauty and elegance. Combine it with a bun and you will have the key to the perfect hair style. You can ask anybody and they will tell you that the low roll and the tuck bun is the most elegant hair styles of all. It creates a mysterious aura around the bearer which is alluring and gets you the attention that you deserve. Go for this style if you are one of those women who like to turn heads.

Sleek Puff and Tuck Bun

Having a puff in your hair gives you a new makeover. A puff goes well with many hair styles like a ponytail. It also goes extremely well with a bun. Sporting this style will give you a new and a never seen before look. Not many people sport this look and hence you will set a fashion trend if carried gracefully.

Top Knot Braid

Braided hair is an all time favorite. It suits every person, irrespective of the type of hair they have. Additionally, accessories like side pins and flowers go extremely well with this style and compliment your look. Go for a top knot braid to get an elegant and charming look.

Twisted Bun

Want to experiment with the traditional bun? Go for a twisted bun. In this hairstyle, all you do is twist your hair and tie it into a bun. It gives your bun a unique and never seen before look that will definitely get many heads turning.

Updo for Black Hair

Updos are one of the most elegant styles and they especially go well with people who have black colored hair. This is a style that can be combined with many other styles to give you new and innovative techniques like big French braid updo, elegant curl updo and many others. Try out the style that suits you the best.

Updo with Lace and Tiny Braids

Braids have always given the bearer a traditional look that signifies beauty and charm. However, have you tried to combine braids and an updo? This is a killer combination. It has the right balance of beauty, charm, elegance and grace. So if you haven’t tried this look yet, you are missing out on a great style.

Voluminous Curls

If you are looking for a style that will enable your hair to take the center stage, go for voluminous curls. It makes your hair look like it has a large volume. Curls have always been the favorite hairstyle of many women. Sport this look to give your hair a bouncy look. This is a definite head turner and will give you a stellar look.

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